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    On a somewhat related thought: There was a star trek voyager episode about using the findings of some war criminal to perform life-saving surgery.

    The doctor ends up deleting the information in the end after the surgery and I always thought that was a seriously stupid take.


    To me, even if information is obtained via awful means in the past, preserving knowledge is the far better choice in all circumstances, other than in the rare occasions where it will continue hurting others (not even sure when this would be the case).

    And obviously upholding moral standards for research now and in the future.

  • No no, I am perfectly capable and have many months worth of expenses saved, thanks. Just that there are perfectly good reasons to prefer a higher frequency.

    I still prefer higher frequency, because it means I earn more interest, and can invest money earlier, also. And yes, also (not me, but others) people might have been unemployed prior to getting work, and waiting a month to get your first payment would be quite challenging.

    You’re giving off “everyone other than me is stupid” vibes, in which case this rule definitely applies:

    If you think everyone else is an arsehole, it’s probably you who are the arsehole.

    Not sure why your preference for monthly payments means there must be no other valid reasons for people do have a different opinion… Jesus.

  • Have you heard of interest, and investments? Not to mention you don’t get paid until the end of your first month, which could be particularly bad for people who were unemployed prior to getting the job.

    Have the money on-hand earlier makes a huge difference.

    I’d love to be paid weekly if I could.